I am an engineer who is also interested in music and photography. I always try to find the way to mix these 3 passions of my life.

All these interests are in my life since I was a kid. I start my music studies when I was 6, as well as the photography. My interest in science and technology begins a little bit later: when I was in High School. In my last year I did my first research project trying to relate brain and heart activity with music styles. During these years I played saxophone (first alto and then tenor) in some groups and an orchestra.

I had the oportunity to work with a research group in MHH, Hannover (Germany), where I created 3D models of human cochleas and cochlear implants to simulate with finite element method the electic field produced by the electrodes stimulation.

Through the years I dicover that I love to hack so I decided to take part in some hackathons, for example Music Hack Day Barcelona and WIPJam inside Mobile World Congress.

Studying Audiovisual Engineer gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to start hacking and experimenting with, brain, music and visualization. That is what my final undergraduate sutdies project aims to mix.

What will be the next? 🙂